The worst father in Starfleet....


For all the things that Star Trek is, there are several things that it isn’t. On the one hand it gives us a defined sense of the future that is hopeful and bright. While it also gives us a path forward on the social standings we can look forward to. From time to time however, it falls flat on its face. Parenting is one of those areas and even though Picard bluntly passes up an opportunity to be a father figure to Wesley there is one other Star Trek character who does an even worse job. Worf.

From the very first episode of Worfs relationship with K'Ehleyr you can see a train wreck coming. Having never mentioned her before now he even goes a step further down the path of the ultimate ladies man by being rude when he sees her. It's so bad you wonder what she ever saw in Worf to begin with. He goes so far as to ask for someone else to work with her to which Picard shuts that shit down immediately.

“Are there any personal reasons for this request?” -Picard

“Yes.” - Worf

“Are there any professional reasons?”-Picard

“No sir…”-Worf

Picard just raises an eyebrow…

“I withdraw my request sir.”-Worf

Episode 20 of season 2, the second worst season of TNG is where we meet her. On an aside, it's rather awkward to see her almost hop out of the probe (torpedo casing) all smiles. You would think she would be cranky or something. The two get assigned to working out the problem of a sleeper Klingon ship that is coming out of cryo after 75 years. When it wakes it will know nothing of the current state of affairs. K'Ehleyr assumes they will start attacking Federation targets at will and the only way to stop them is to kill them. When she arrives at a lab, that looks like its stationed next to the janitorial closet, shes gets herself all dolled up for Worf. He can not even bring himself to look at what is easily the most gorgeous Klingon in Star Trek history. He doesn't even want to be reminded of there little affair 6 years ago.

“I order you to relax.”-Picard

“I am RELAXED!”-Worf

After all that Worf finds her in his holodeck program doing “calisthenics”. After a brief “workout” followed by some odd smelling of each other, Worf declares they are mated and shall be married. Worf, you ladies man you. Worse yet he lets her leave without telling her how he feels, you sly dog Worf.

It's not for another two seasons until we find out what she was so confused by the first time around. She had Worfs baby in secret. I guess we know one thing for sure about Klingons, condoms have no honor.

In the season 4 episode “The Reunion” Worf again tries to dodge having to see her. Going so far as to try and use his line from season 2. Asking Picard to send someone else to meet Ambassador K'Ehleyr.

“Captain, I must ask for permission to send another Officer, I do not wish, to bring dishonor to the Ambassador with my presence.” - Worf

“Lieutenant, I will not have you go into hiding every time a Klingon vessel appears.”-Picard

Oh John Luc, I hope you talk dirty like that when your new show arrives, I miss it so.

Upon seeing Alexander beam aboard with K'Ehleyr, the steam just comes running out of Worf as he can barely contain himself. After dropping the kid off in daycare it's not clear if he even says hello. But judging by his unwillingness to even ask the question, “whose kid dis?” I would say he doesn't. K'Ehleyr even has to yell at him down the hall, “should I tell him he has no father?” Worf should have done Alexander a favor right there and said, “he does not.”

The rest of the episode sets up a path that Worf follows and keep following. You can at least say one thing for sure about him, he is consistent. Unwilling to let Alexander be himself but also unwilling to parent him unless it's by the strictest of Klingon tradition. This is his biggest flaw. For a man that puts honor and duty above everything, he cannot be flexible.

During the whole run of The Next Generation, he continues down a dark path that sees the relationship strained even further. All the way to the point where Alexander just disappears all together. Even when Worf joins the crew in Deep Space Nine we don't see or hear anything about his son until Season 6. General Martok himself cannot believe that Worf never told him he had a son. You know its kind of a small detail to leave out when Martok admits him to his house.

When it comes to family, in general, he seems to just let everyone down. He has a brother who asks Worf to kill him he is so ashamed. Hell Worf grew up with a sister! Did you even know that? I can't remember if its really ever covered in TNG or DS9 at all. Maybe its mentioned in a movie but that's it. For all the time spent developing his character, its really rather appalling they choose to make this is a flaw. It's a mighty big one, one that stands in stark contrast to a man of honor.

So on this fathers day, StarDate 72921.9, remember no matter how tough your father might have been. He wasn't the worst father in all of Starfleet. Lieutenant Commander Worf. Happy Fathers Day!

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