New Website

It’s been a long road, getting from there to here. It’s been a long time, but the time is finally here. The new website is live and now you have the Enterprise theme song stuck in your head! So congrats on that one. We have been working hard behind the scenes to really improve the show. Not just the content of each episode we bring you but also the supporting structure around it. It’s not enough that we sound good (still working on that) we need to look good good to. Well Daniel and Dan don’t need to work on that much, just Chad. Who is always wrong, never forget, never surrender.

So while we are finally rolling out a new front end we want all the old fans of the show to know that the core of what this show is, will never change. Sure we have some new hosts that have been trolling, I mean tolling away for over a year now, and the site has a new modern feel to it, it’s still TrekCast. The most unpredictable Star Trek podcast in the universe. No David Ivy is not coming back as a host, but he is still around. When he wants to chime in he will. Till then you can be a part of the show and make sure to let us know your thoughts. We are providing so many ways to connect and be part of the show its almost to much to keep up with. We like it that way. After all we started on this journey with you all the way back in 2008. We will never let it die.

For all the new fans of the show, you have never seen the old site sadly. Hopefully you will like the new one over the silly looking podbean site. Maybe you’ve never even seen that site. After all your connected to either the Facebook Group, Twitter or Instagram. Or maybe not? Maybe you just listen to the show and don’t connect on any of those platforms. Or your seeing this in your Apple News feed for the first time and wondering what the hell I am talking about. However you have come to the show we welcome you and hope to hear from you. All of you! It’s what makes the show great.

Moving forward we have a lot of surprises up our sleeve so while the site is a welcome addition, we are just getting started. That future roadmap will be laid out soon, in the mean time we need your support to make some of these things happen sooner rather than later. So if your enjoying the show head on over to the Ko-Fi account and donate what ever you feel is appropriate. The show will always be free!